Dangers of Psychiatric Medications

The Dangers of Psychiatric Medications

The Dangers of Psychiatric Medications

The Dangers of Psychiatric Medications

Have you ever wondered why people still suffer from depression even though we have anti-depressants or still struggle with anxiety even though we have anti-anxiety medications?  Do these medicines really work?  When we are sick, we are used to going to the doctor, getting prescribed a medicine and then getting better.  So why don’t psychiatric medicines work the same way?  You have some kind of “chemical imbalance” that causes depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD or other illnesses, go to the doctor, take a medicine that is prescribed and the chemical imbalance is fixed and you are fine again.  That’s what all the doctors promise when they first prescribe these medications.

Many times someone will go to the doctor because of some depression they are struggling with due to a situation or issue that has come up in their lives; such as a death of a loved one, illness, job loss, financial hardship, etc.  A doctor is happy to start them on a “low dose” anti-depressant to help them get through this difficult time.  And the medicine seems to help at first.  The person feels good again.  The depression seems to be less or gone altogether.  But, then a couple of months later, it seems like it might be coming back.  The person goes back to the doctor for their “90-day med check” and the doctor increases their dose of the anti-depressant to the next higher dosage and adds a medication to help with sleep at night.  The person starts this new regimen and starts to feel good again.  They really think the medication is helping.  However, within a short period of time, they start to feel scatter brained, like they can’t focus at work or at home.  They become forgetful.  And then stress and anxiety start to increase.  They go back to the doctor again in 90 days and he increases the anti-depressant dose again and adds an anti-anxiety medication (because many times depression and anxiety are seen together).  And he might even add a stimulant to help with focus during the day.

Before you know it, this person is walking zombie on a cocktail of addictive psychiatric medications that are doing real damage to the brain.  This person is a shell of the person they used to be.  They are disconnected from reality and from people.  Nothing helps.  They might even eventually be diagnosed as bi-polar or schizophrenic.

Does the above scenario seem extreme or unlikely to you?  Or do you completely relate to what I have described?  It’s not extreme or unlikely.  This is the story of many people who just need a little bit of help to get through a difficult time in their lives.  This is the story of my husband and my daughter.  Both have been on a cocktail of some or all the medications at different times in the past.  They have both since been able to stop taking these medications and are getting back to be the people they were before they started them.  My husband stopped taking his medications almost 2 years ago.  It was very hard for him to stop.  His brain became so used to taking the medications and it didn’t know how to function anymore without them.  He went through months of withdrawal.  At first, he slept – a lot!!  He couldn’t stay awake no matter how much he tried.  He just needed to sleep.  And then he was moody – very moody!!  He was intolerable to be around.  (I had to tell myself it was temporary.  It was part of the withdrawal.)  And then, he got to where he could not sleep.  He didn’t want to take anything to help him sleep, so he just didn’t sleep.  It took about a year to get him back into a normal sleep pattern at night.  My daughter went through almost the same withdrawal pattern.  They both still have issues with memory.  Hopefully the memory will improve over time.

These medications are addictive and dangerous.  So why do doctors continue to prescribe them?  I have some theories on that.  You can do your own research.  But I will write about that in a different article.

Our Experiences with Psychiatric Medications

My husband used to complain about being on so many medications.  He hated taking them.  Several times he complained to his doctor about the negative side effects he was experiencing and how he didn’t like how they made him feel.  The doctor, who was very well known in our area, had the audacity to tell my husband that this was just the way that God made him.  Can you believe that?  He basically took away any hope my husband had of ever being able to stop taking these medications for the rest of his life.  He believed the doctor and he was devastated.  But we know that is not how God made him.  God made him perfect, in His own image, according to the Bible.  Growing up in a broken world contributed to things that lead him to being an adult that had depression, anxiety, and anger issues because he felt he needed to be in control of everyone around him.  Those are things that cannot be medicated away.  He needed counseling and therapy to help him go back and work through some childhood issues, to accept some of the things he did as a teenager and college student.  And he needed to learn how those things had impacted the decisions he made as an adult and father and a husband.  And finally, he needed to learn how to forgive himself and ask others for forgiveness as well.  He learned that God did not create him to be a broken person.  Life made him a broken person.  He learned that God had a different plan for him.

One of the reasons we got into the CBD business was to give people an alternative to the traditional western style of medicine.  I’m not going to go into how CBD works and what the benefits are from taking CBD.  I have written numerous articles on those topics that are on our website.  I just wanted to share some of our experiences that lead us to where we are today.

There is Hope

I’m not a doctor.  I don’t have any professional experience in this area.  I’m not anti-doctor or anti-medication.  I think doctors in general want to provide the best care for their patients as possible.  Psychiatric drugs might help some people.  I am just the wife and mother of people that have been harmed by them.  I want to provide hope for anyone that might be stuck in a cycle of taking different medications for symptoms that start when other medications are taken.  You were not just made like that by God.  And there might be a better life for you if you can find the strength and courage to face your issues head on and start the process of getting off your medication.

If you do decide to stop taking psychiatric medications, please do so under a doctor’s supervision.  There can be very intense withdrawal symptoms when you just stop suddenly.  It’s best to come up with a plan with your doctor – even if you need to change doctors.

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