Earthley Pain Potion

Knock those headaches out fast with Pain Potion!  It’s a blend of organic herbs and alcohol that helps to relieve pain so you feel better, naturally!


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Product Description


Pain Potion is your answer for those annoying headaches, plus other aches and pains.  So many people wonder “what do I do now” when they have a headache and they just want an easy answer!

What’s in it, and why does it work?  Pain Potion has a few different helpful herbs.

We start with meadowsweet, which helps to relieve pain. It’s actually one of the best pain-relieving herbs that we have.

Then, we add turmeric root (anti-inflammatory), peppermint (cooling), mullein (one of our favorites, because it has so many uses, especially for respiratory congestion) and dandelion root (supports detox).

How awesome is that?!  A “potion” that calms inflammation, relieves pain, cools you off, and supports detox.

This works best for the occasional tension headache or migraine, or other mild pain.  If you’re dealing with a sinus headache, try Sinus Saver instead!


Organic meadowseet, organic dandelion root, organic mullein leaf, organice peppermint leaf, organic turmeric root, organic cane alcohol and filtered water.


Kids 6 – 12:  10 – 20 drops

Adults 13+:  30 40 drops

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