CBD Vape Oil Starter Kit

The easiest, all-natural way to vape.  Our CBD Vape Starter Kit comes with carrying case, battery, USB charger and a 1 ml pre-filled cartridge with 250 mg of flavored CBD oil.

• No THC
• No VG
• No PG


  • Citrus
  • Kush
  • Mint
Product Description


CBD Vape Oil Starter Kit

Our CBD Vape Oil Starter Kit is ready to go as soon as it arrives. It comes with a 1 ml cartridge of citrus flavored CBD Vape Oil.  Just twist it onto the vaporizer battery and inhale through the mouthpiece. Once you have finished the cartridge, dispose of it and order a new one —but keep the battery so you can use it with your next order! The battery is rechargeable with the accompanied USB charger.

The vaporizer battery has purple LED lights at the bottom.  If the battery is getting low, the lights will blink as you inhale to warn you that it’s time to charge your vaporizer.

One blink = 30% battery remaining
Two blinks = 10% battery capacity remaining
Five blinks = battery drained

When you plug the battery into the charger, the charger’s LED light will stay on. When it’s it’s fully charged, the lights will blink 10 times and then stop. A full charge usually takes 2-3 hours.

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