CBD Helped My Dog

How CBD Has Helped My Dog

How CBD Has Helped My Dog

CBD Helped My DogCBD for Dogs

I want to share with you how CBD has helped my dog.  Meet Darby!!   She is our 11ish year old dachshund mut.  We got her for Christmas in 2008 from Santa (or the SPCA).  So we are not sure of her exact age.  For the past 11 years Darby has been as much a part of our family as any of our kids.  She has always loved to go on walks.  She would get so excited when we would just pick up her leash or mention the word “walk”.  However, a few months ago, we were taking her for a walk and she would not go past our next door neighbor’s house.  She refused to walk any farther and wanted to turn around and go back home.  We didn’t think much of it.  But, a couple of days later the same thing happened again.  We were going to take her for a walk.  She made it to the neighbor’s house and would not go any farther.  Now we knew something was wrong.  This was two walks she has refused to go on.  Over the next couple of days we noticed that her breathing was labored and she had very little energy.  So I took her to the vet.  He diagnosed her with a heart murmur.  With her age he said she was in the beginning stages of heart failure.  But, good news!  There is medication to help the murmur and make the heart function better.  He said the medicine would really help her with her breathing and her energy.  We did notice a little bit of improvement, but not a lot.

A few weeks later, Darby had a seizure one morning.  I really thought she was going to die.  I did not know what was happening so I immediately took her to the vet.  Again, because of her age he said “well, she likely has a brain tumor”.  Apparently, it’s common in dogs her age.  He told us she would have more seizures and we needed to start keeping a log of them.  He said it could be next week or months from now before her next one.  Well it wasn’t even a full week.  Then another one a few days after that.  And then they started happening every day.  And then they started getting longer in duration.  They went from less than a minute to 3 or 4 minutes long.  It was awful to watch.  And Darby’s health was going down hill very quickly.  I knew if her seizures continued like this, she would not be around much longer.  I called the vet back and good news again!!  He said that he wanted to start her on seizure medication right away.

As I was getting ready to head up to the vet’s office to pick up her medication, A thought came to me as if something had smacked me right in the face.  What is the one thing that CBD has been proven to help with and the one thing that the FDA has approved it’s use for?  SEIZURES!!  Duh.  And we sell CBD.  And we have a ton of CBD at our house because we sample everything we sell.  I called the vet back and told him I wanted to try CBD before we start her on seizure medication.  He was a little hesitant and told me he could not recommend that.  But, we finally agreed to try the CBD for a couple of weeks and if no improvement, we would start her on the medication.

I immediately starting giving her CBD drops twice a day with her food.  And GREAT NEWS!!  The CBD has helped my dog!!  She has not had one seizure since I started giving her the drops!!  She went from having them everyday to none!!  And her energy is back and she loves going on walks again!!

I’m not saying that the CBD has cured her seizures or her heart murmur.  But, for now – today, we have our old Darby back.  The Darby with energy that loves to be outside and going for walks.

If you have a dog that is getting up there in age and his or her health is starting to decline, try our CBD products for pets.  CBD helped my dog.  It won’t hurt them.  And maybe, it will improve their quality of life enough that they will be around for a few more years longer then they would without it.


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