Baking with CBD

Baking With CBD

Baking With CBD

Baking With CBD

CBD has taken the meaning of edibles to new heights. From oils, capsules, creams, gummy candy, and more, there is nothing CBD can’t be added to.Marijuana brownies might have been popular in your dorm in college, but CBD brownies give you the same benefits without the (in many places) illegal high.The combination of comforting, baked goods and the soothing benefits of CBD has led to the cannabidiol being added into cookies, cakes, brownies, and more throughout the country.Interesting in trying it out on your own? Here is how to add CBD to baked goodsTo use CBD in baking, the oil needs to be infused into a fat such as coconut oil or butter. Swap out the fat in the recipe with your CDB/fat mixture. If the CDB oil you are using already contains a base oil, you’re ready to go.If you need to add your oil to fat, mix together, the CDB, water, and butter into a pan. Warm on low heat so the CDB does not bake out and let the mixture cool before using.When cooking with CDB for the first time, stick with something you are comfortable with like a family cookie recipe or a boxed mix. Mistakes are less likely so you won’t waste your product.Like the alcohol in rum cakes, CDB can bake out. Be mindful of temperature when your goods go in the oven and adjust cooking time as needed. The boiling point of CDB is 320-365 degrees Fahrenheit. Baking for too long or at a high heat can cause the CDB to evaporate and making your baking project ineffective.Serving size is perhaps the most important aspect of cooking with CBD. For example, if you are cooking 24 cookies with 100 mg of CBD, each cookie will have 4mg of CDB. If you want more CBD in each serving, simply add more to the mix. To make sure you get all of the CDB added, make sure all of the batter is added by taking some extra time to scrap the bowl.Once you’ve created your CDB baked goods, make sure to store them in a cool, dark place. CDB is light and heat sensitive and is at its maximum effectiveness when kept cool and dark. Also, keep your goodies in an air-tight container to keep them fresh.
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