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Does CBD Work?

Does CBD Work? Have you tried CBD and and then asked if it really works?  Well there is evidence that CBD does work for certain conditions.  There is high evidence that shows that it can help with sleep disorders, inflammation, chronic pain and anxiety.  There is moderate evidence that shows CBD can help with focus […]

Is CBD Safe?

Is CBD Safe? With the growing popularity of CBD products, have you been wondering if CBD is safe? CBD seems to be everywhere these days.  It’s becoming more popular as an alternative to medicine.  It’s showing up on menu items in bars and restaurants. It’s being sold in pet products.  CBD is now legal in […]

The History of CBD

CBD is new to many and with the explosion of the CBD marketplace many are benefiting from the healing properties of the cannabinoid. While it might seem new, CBD has been used for centuries. The History of CBD The first known use of marijuana for medicinal purposes was in 2737 B.C. Emperor Shen Neng of […]

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