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How CBD Has Helped My Dog

I want to share with you how CBD has helped my dog.  Meet Darby!!   She is our 11ish year old dachshund mut.  We got her for Christmas in 2008 from Santa (or the SPCA).  So we are not sure of her exact age.  For the past 11 years Darby has been as much a part […]

When I Take CBD I Don’t “Feel” Anything

I have had so many people tell me that when they try CBD, they don’t “feel” anything.  CBD is not THC.  Therefore, you will not feel the “high” that most people associate with Cannabis.  That does not mean that CBD is not working. How does CBD work? When you take a vitamin, you do not […]

What Is CBD – AlternativeWellness’ User Guide

What is CBD? CBD (Cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant.  It comes from two sources.  Hemp derived CBD comes from industrial hemp plants and medical marijuana CBD comes from medical marijuana plants.  Industrial hemp plants are high in CBD and cannot contain more than .3% THC.  Medical marijuana products usually have […]

CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil can be great for humans, but can you use CBD oil for pets? Or is it not an appropriate thing to do? It all comes down to numerous factors, however you will be able to use CBD oil for dogs and other pets with the right dosage and considerations in mind. Here are […]

CBD Oil Benefits

CBD oil is gaining a lot of momentum and exposure in the wellness world and numerous studies continue to suggest that it’s one of the best products for improving your health and eliminating anxiety. While more studies are needed for that, it’s clear that CBD oil comes with amazing health benefits, as you can see […]

Common CBD Terms – What Do They Mean?

  As the use of CBD products increases, so do the terms associated with those products.  We thought it might helpful to define some of the most common CBD terms you will find to help you in choosing which product is right for you. Broad Spectrum CBD – Full Spectrum CBD without any THC.  It […]

Is Hemp Oil Safe For Your Children

Many parents ask if CBD is safe for their children.  CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis or hemp plants.  Since it contains no THC there is not a psychoactive effect from taking CBD.  Research suggests that CBD can be helpful in relaxation and calming.  Therefore, it might be help with anxiety, lack of focus and inability to calm down before bed time.

Mark’s Personal CBD Experience

CBD Experience – The Miracle That Changed Our Lives As many of know, we started this CBD retail business at the beginning of the year. We were introduced to CBD last summer by a friend. But, like most people, we didn’t know anything about it. We thought it was like marijuana or THC at first. […]

Your Family Resource for CBD and Hemp Oil Products

At AlternativeWellness, we believe in alternative options for maintaining wellness. We are passionate about offering products that enable a lifestyle of peak wellness. An active and physical, mental process of making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life is key. We believe that wellness is more than being free from a body that is out of […]

Benefits of CBD Oil and Your Prescription Medications

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you started using CBD oil while taking prescription medications?  There are many health benefits of CBD oil. And it can be a natural supplement while taking many common prescription drugs.   The medications listed below can be addictive and are often abused or misused according to the National […]

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